Managing your own print infrastructure and processes is a costly and time-consuming drain on resources.

Document production is typically one of the biggest expenses for an organisation, costing up to 3% of revenue. Yet many organisations don’t have the time, staff or expertise to effectively monitor or manage their print environment.

By the active management and continual optimisation of your print infrastructure and related business processes through our Managed Print Services solution you will save money, increase efficiency and improve your productivity.

With everything taken care of by our experts, we improve your print infrastructure now and on the long term and remove the day-to-day hassle of document printing so you can get on with what you do best.

Why Canon Managed Print Services?

  • You need to gain visibility and control of your print infrastructure
  • You need to deliver long-term savings, as soon as possible
  • You want to change printing habits and reduce print volume
  • You need to focus your attention on your core business
  • You need to rationalise supplier numbers and your printer estate with a single solution
  • You want to streamline document workflows and increase productivity
  • You need to improve end-to-end print security
  • You want to reduce your impact on the environment